One in the Spirit. One in the Lord

Federated Community Church of Hampden

Worship Service and Christian Education

Sundays 10:00am to 11:00am

590 Main St. | PO Box 246

Hampden, Massachusetts 01036

413 566-3711 |

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Website Updates

Continuing Website Changes & Improvements!

As many folks as possible should be able to benefit from our website, so we should, firstly, make it accessible as possible, with larger print when possible. secondly, to make the site user friendly, the important information should be easily available on the very first page that comes up, the Home Page!

And...We now have a very large capacity for pictures and information on this website, so if you have any church related promotional material, pictures, video, church history or current items, really anything you can scan and/or email to me, please send it along  to e-mail:

Thank You!